How To Avoid The “Getting Ready To Get Ready” Pitfall

December 3, 2020 // Fitness

Q4 2020 Getting back to a regular health routine can certainly seem daunting, especially in 2020. Here’s how to set...

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Zone 2 Cardio: The Only True “Fat-Burning” Exercise

October 24, 2020 // Fitness

Zone 2 Cardio:The Only True “Fat-Burning” Exercise Q4 2020 This article will give you a much clearer target for how to...

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The Ideal Exercise Routine For Starting Back Up

September 29, 2020 // Fitness

Picking up exercise after a long hiatus can certainly seem daunting. Jumping right into an online workout class or a...

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Gyms in a Pandemic: Open? Closed? Safe?

August 21, 2020 // Fitness

Monday, August 17th11:30am – “Gyms and fitness centers across the Empire State are permitted to reopen starting next week...

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Still Feeling Unmotivated Amidst The Pandemic? You’re Not Alone.

July 10, 2020 // Fitness

Q3 2020 You would think, in theory, that after almost four (4) months of staying inside that we [as a society] would...

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The Restart of Gyms – A New Type of Exercise Experience

June 7, 2020 // Fitness

Q2 2020 At the time of this writing, New York City is set to enter Phase 1 Reopening tomorrow morning. After...

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“I Need To Get Motivated” – Quarantine Edition

May 4, 2020 // Fitness

Q2 2020 Back in 2017, I put together an article series entitled I Need To Get Motivated, which ended up becoming...

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Getting Out Of Your Own Way

April 16, 2020 // Wellness

Breaking Poor Patterns and Regaining Routines Q2 2020 Let’s face it: no one expected to be indoors in mid-April. Who...

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Keeping Consistent While Uncertain

April 6, 2020 // Fitness

Structuring Your Health Routine(s) While Quarantined Some say it’ll end soon.Some say by summertime.Some are...

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