The Elimination Diet 2.0

September 21, 2016 /// Nutrition

Fix your gut. Lose inches from your stomach. Feel better. Permanently. The Elimination Diet 2.0 is an eating strategy designed to...

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Why Pictures Are Valuable For Measuring Progress

August 14, 2016 /// Fitness

Aesthetics are usually a top priority Pictures give deeper insight than a number Pictures highlight everything Pictures are unbiased Pictures...

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8 Easy Food Upgrades To “Healthy”

June 8, 2016 /// Nutrition

“Healthy” is a subjective measure. In terms of food, eating healthy can be challenging, thanks to deceptive marketing by major...

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Respect Your Set-Point: A Follow-Up To The NYTimes “Biggest Loser” Article

May 14, 2016 /// Wellness

People haven’t stopped talking about recent The New York Times article that exposed the weight struggles and metabolic regressions...

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5 Ways To Reduce Bloating & GI Issues

May 8, 2016 /// Nutrition

There’s nothing worse than enjoying a nice meal only to deal with the aftermath of bloating, gas, and other...

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The 3 Foundational Habits Of An Ideal Eating Routine

May 1, 2016 /// Nutrition

Can we agree that there is no one perfect diet? Of all the diets that exist, there are a common...

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“Why Am I At A Plateau?” Factors & Solutions To Overcoming Stalled Progress

April 17, 2016 /// Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness

In the quest to change your physique and appearance, your progress is likely to reach a plateau. Plateaus can be...

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Routine vs. Variety – Which Is Better For Fat Loss?

February 21, 2016 /// Nutrition

You want to burn fat. You want to be lean. You want to feel great. You’re ready to work...

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Rest & Recovery: The Most Undervalued Variable In Health

February 13, 2016 /// Wellness

As a fitness professional, there’s nothing worse than watching a gym regular put so much emphasis on their workouts...

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