How To Avoid The “Getting Ready To Get Ready” Pitfall

How To Avoid The “Getting Ready To Get Ready” Pitfall

December 3, 2020 // Fitness

Q4 2020

Getting back to a regular health routine can certainly seem daunting, especially in 2020. Here’s how to set yourself up for success and progress.

As we wrap up arguably the most unpredictable and difficult year in recent memory, it’s important to reflect on how well we were able to take care of our health and wellness amidst the pandemic.

As gyms shuttered and workouts were relocated to the living room, we were tested on our ability to pivot and adapt. Many struggled to find consistency in this new, temporary change of scenery. While we all have been patiently waiting for the return of our normal routines, we have continued to age, and our body’s needs for regular exercise and good nutrition practices are still present. Waiting to get going again is not a sound strategy for either preserving or regaining our fitness and wellness levels.

January 2021 is likely going to be more of the same, with Spring 2021 being the earliest (realistic) target for life pre-COVID. It is imperative that we hold ourselves accountable to a standard that is both empathetic to the challenges of operating our lives during this pandemic yet proactive for our health.

The key component for getting started today is actually not motivation, but action. You see, motivation builds over time as you stack many actions on top of one another.

I often reference this excerpt from my master’s nutrition on the topic of motivational interviewing and behavioral modification psychology:

The idea is to initiate the very first step(s) today. Any delay or procrastination for a better entry will only undermine the the most important variable in health and wellness: consistency. 

For more on this topic, take a read of my post “I Need To Get Motivated” from 2017. To no surprise, this particular piece has generated the most amount of readership of any other article I’ve written to date.

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