Gyms in a Pandemic: Open? Closed? Safe?

Gyms in a Pandemic: Open? Closed? Safe?

August 21, 2020 // Fitness

Monday, August 17th
11:30am – “Gyms and fitness centers across the Empire State are permitted to reopen starting next week at 33 percent capacity and masks must be worn by those inside at all times, Cuomo told reporters during a press briefing in Manhattan.” 

4:47pm – “Mitch Schwartz [spokesperson for the Mayor] declined to set a timetable for when gyms would be back in business but noted that the city had already opted out of allowing indoor fitness classes and reopening indoor pools “at this time.”

So… are gyms [in New York] able to open back up? 

At this point, no one really knows.

With the conflicting information between state and local governments, I can only speculate.

Residential, private gyms seem primed to reopen without much delay. There are far less residents back in the city at this time, so naturally these fitness centers should see less activity, which lowers the risk of transmission. I’ve already heard of a few residential properties unlocking the doors to their gyms.

Commercial gyms, however, will have to tip-toe around the state’s orders, especially if getting an approval from a local inspector is not possible at the moment. One misstep and a hefty fine is likely to follow (which many speculate is purposely designed as a source of revenue for the state, but that’s a discussion for another time).

Even with the green light from Gov. Cuomo, this calls into question the safety of reopening gyms amidst the current pandemic.

The question becomes: Should gyms open back up?

Well, a health center is usually where people tend to be… healthy. As the CEO of Planet Fitness explained, gyms are actually part of the solution to the pandemic.

It’s a mixed bag. If the practice of exercising indoors increases the risk of spreading COVID-19, it certainly seems unnecessary. But how is this space any worse than going into the grocery store and waiting in line? How about riding the subway? 

There are many ways to look at this topic, and all arguments seem valid. Ultimately, this is a person-specific agenda. 

If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s the ability for us to adapt our routine(s) to a new environment.

Though exercising in a gym is preferred by most, is it worth risking our health?

For some, there’s nothing like the gym. And if the facility (and its members) are adhering to the safety protocols, it makes sense to open and use the gym.

For others, it may be better to utilize a combination of the endless digital fitness resources along with the great outdoors. 

Can you manage your weight and improve your health without stepping foot into a gym? Absolutely.

It’s truly up to you. 

We’re all trying to navigate this seemingly endless nightmare.
The gym is a place where many go to clear their minds, shed some stress and regain control.

So should they reopen, or should they remain closed?
Is it even safe to be in this setting?

Hard to say. Time will tell.
And that’s all we really know.

In the meantime, take a look at some of the unique options and guidance we have available below.

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