“I Need To Get Motivated” – Quarantine Edition

“I Need To Get Motivated” – Quarantine Edition

May 4, 2020 // Fitness

Q2 2020

Back in 2017, I put together an article series entitled I Need To Get Motivated, which ended up becoming the most read and discussed newsletter of the year. 

Cut It In Half. Quit Tomorrow. Secrets of a Strong Mind. The 2 Infamous Words of Self-Sabotage. Silence The Suck.

These were the strategies for jump-starting “motivation”, and they are all still relative today.

While gyms are included in the first phase of most state’s reopening plan, it seems more likely that your fitness setting will likely remain in your living room for the foreseeable future.

Now that we’re inside, let’s take a step back and take a look at what we’re doing, what we’re not and where we can start reintroduce a health and wellness routine into our homes and everyday lives.

Note: If you missed any of the article series from the past month, you can find all of them on my newly updated website under Blog.

What We Are Eating:
Pandemic Food Trends

In times of stress and uncertainty, food can become a source of comfort and relief. Unfortunately, using food as a coping mechanism can create more problems than it solves.

Let’s dive into the patterns of consumption and see what many are turning to while quarantined.

Take a look at Bloomberg’s food report entitled Avocados Are In, Pork Bellies Out in Era of Pandemic Eating.

What We Need:
Taking A Breath With Nature

The separation from the great outdoors has tremendous effects on our mood, health and even our ability to breathe. Even short bouts of being outside may not feel the same with a mask on.

The NYTimes put out a terrific, simple guided breathing exercise  called An Ecotherapeutic Meditation in Ten (10) Steps that incorporates real sounds and visuals of nature.

Set aside 10 minutes in your morning routine to reduce anxiety and ground yourself in the present.

What We Can Do:
How to Run Safely During Coronavirus

The weather is certainly inviting for a nice run or bike ride lately. Though social distancing is naturally formed when exercising outdoors, there are still some concerns and protocols to keep in mind.

Downtown Alliance put together this straight-forward outline entitled What Are The Rules Of Jogging During A Pandemic.

What We Have Available: 
My Daily Livestream Workout

MikeClancyTraining’s Daily
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You can now watch any of my free daily workouts for 24 hours after posting (12pm EST) on either your phone, tablet or laptop!

A very special thanks to Tomahawke Capital for sponsoring my livestream workouts throughout the duration of this quarantine.

Custom In-Home Routines

Bbespoke at-home fitness programs. Designed around your abilities, setting and goals.

$50 per workout.

To order, email me here and I will send the initial questionnaire for building your custom fitness routine.

Remote Training Sessions

Any setting. Any equipment (or none).
Video guidance via Zoom or FaceTime.


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