What Worked For Clients Who Reached Their Goals

What Worked For Clients Who Reached Their Goals

July 19, 2018 // Fitness

Exploring the “How” of the Success Stories to Help You Create Your Own

Last month, I rolled out the MCT Summer Body Workout Kit, which gave any person the full gamut of tools and resources to yield health and fitness progress.

This month, I explore howthe success stories from this program came about.

With one simple question – What worked for you?– I received many different answers, no two the same.

Below are the unedited, real responses from actual clients and members of the MCT community:

Me: “So what worked for you? What do you attribute the success(es) to?”

Response #1:“Protein shakes. I need to have them and carry them with me. They work for me. I don’t bloat with them like I do with the bars, and they are perfect for my schedule. I have one every morning before I run out the door.”

Response #2:“I realized I needed to walk more, so now I take my calls while walking in the streets instead of sitting in a car. Just by walking more, I feel much better.”

Response #3:“I can’t skip meals in the middle of the day. Just by having normal meal times makes all the difference for me. My energy is better and I make better choices instead of snacking on crap throughout the day.”

Response #4:“Planning ahead of time makes it so much easier for me. My days are so intense that having to choose a meal in the moment adds to my stress levels. By creating a plan prior for the week, I have everything I need to make the good choices.”

Response #5: “Actually going to sleep in the PM. It really does changes things, at least for me. When I get a regular amount of 7+ hours of sleep a night, I am a different person. And I don’t snack nearly as much, especially late at night.”

The Take-Away:
Wow! These responses really blew me away. You would think the “secret sauce” would be this incredibly difficult or groundbreaking strategy, but just the opposite – these strategies are 
ridiculously simple! Yet again, this highlights the recurring themes in health: mastering the basics and maintaining consistencies.

7 Effective Ways to Make Time for Exercise & Nutrition

Yes, I included a little World Cup theme.

You have goals.
You have plans.
You have priorities.

Yet, you didn’t execute. What happened?

Life happened.
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Sleep vs. Exercise

The struggle is real.

Oh, this is a good debate. This question was discussed earlier this year in The New York Times.

Stay in bed and improve all of your health markers with quality sleep, or get up and put your body through the stresses of exercise to yield improved health markers?

This is not an easy decision, nor a simple answer…

“Research from Northwestern University suggests that muscle cells also have circadian rhythms, and that they perform and recover much better during the biological daytime than the biological night. “So, getting up during your biological night to exercise is counterproductive,” Dr. Czeisler said.

My Two-Cents: If this is your only workout for the week, get your tail up and in the gym. However, if this becomes a normal decision, you need to take a step back and reconsider what you are prioritizing in the evenings that is causing you to sacrifice sleep and risk your health. No workout can fix that.

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