Strategies From A Recovering Sugar Addict

Strategies From A Recovering Sugar Addict

April 22, 2018 // Nutrition

How I Adjusted From My Daily Dessert Addiction to a More Reasonable, Sustainable Eating Routine.

Strategies From A Recovering Sugar Addict

May 2018
How I Adjusted From My Daily Dessert Addiction to a More Reasonable, Sustainable Eating Routine
Coffee requires something sweet – right?
3 cookies is barely satisfying my sweet tooth.
I can easily polish off 5-8 full-size cookies on any given day.Some people need starches.
Some people need wine.
I need something sweet (or so I tell myself).Hi, I’m Mike Clancy and I am a lifelong sugar addict.

Because my caloric expenditure is higher than most, I told myself the same story when it came to sweets: “You can certainly afford it.”

Well, while it doesn’t show up on the scale or in pictures, I feel the effects when I give myself the free reign of sugar consumption.
Between the grogginess, general fatigue, GI discomfort and increased heart rate, I had to learn some new strategies to overcoming this sugar addiction.

The following has worked for me, and if you can relate to the above, this may work for you too:

  1. Swap out Cold Brew Coffee with Iced Green Tea
  2. Have Mixed Fruit With Breakfast and/or Lunch
  3. Drink Flavored Kombucha
  4. No Sweets/Desserts Inside The Apartment
  5. Tell My Family No More Sending Sweets
  6. Ask For The Bill As The Entree Is Served
While these strategies may seem ridiculous, they seem to work. 

When it comes to making a change to your nutrition habits, you have to implement replacement strategies to make up for the void. These work for me, and hopefully they may work for you too.

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Walking 10 Minutes Per Day Can Substantially Reduce Mortality

Don’t underestimate the power of the steps.

When someone talks about exercising for health, we picture a grueling series of movements that cause sweat, pain and sometimes tears.Well, when it comes to reducing mortality and improving health markers, The Journal of American Heart Association (JAHA) recently concluded that even 10 minutes of daily walkingcan be an effective treatment against early death.

Need a good walking routine?

This is my favorite:

“Walking on an upward angle, such as climbing stairs, adds just enough resistance to an otherwise low-intensity exercise to burn extra calories. It also challenges the posterior chain muscles, such as the hamstrings, glutes, and calves. Try this routine from Mike Clancy, a personal trainer in New York City. (You’ll want to use a stairway with multiple flights.)”

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Fall (And Stay) Asleep To This Playlist

Need To Sleep? Listen To This Music.

Most Americans have issues getting the recommended 7-9 hours of uninterrupted, restful sleep each night.

In the age of hacks and digital remedies, composer Max Richter consulted neuroscientist David Eaglemanand arranged an eight-hour playlist that is scientifically proven to help listeners fall and stay asleep.

Give it a listen(just not while driving, please).