Realistic Resolutions: Reworking Your Plan

Realistic Resolutions: Reworking Your Plan

January 26, 2020 // Wellness

A new year can feel like the perfect time to reconsider a pursuit for improved health and wellness. Every January, like clockwork, millions vow to be better with their weight management and fitness programs. Ambitions are high, and efforts are full throttle, yet statistically-speaking, by the third week of January, most will have abandoned their healthy resolutions. 

What Goes Wrong?

Simply put: Their goals (and the actions necessary to achieve them) were unrealistic. 

Change doesn’t require a complete overhaul of all habits. Progress does not demand expert-level execution. 

Real progress and long-lasting change needs to be both sustainable and, believe it or not, it needs to be easy!

This isn’t to say that you should not look to achieve big changes over time. Instead, the idea is to create short-term, realistic targets that are within reach. This way, you can keep motivation high as you see yourself achieving small wins while chipping away at the bigger goal. 

With motivation high and realistic targets set, the last component is to hone in and celebrate your consistencies. 

Lasting change requires day-in, day-out consistent effort. The idea is to make a habit stick, and eventually become automatic. When automatic, it’s easy, and a no-brainer, where motivation is not a factor in the consistency anymore.  

Use this halfway point of your Q1 2020 to reassess your goal(s), create short-term targets, establish your daily action(s) and celebrate the small wins as you achieve them along the way. 

If you want more guidance, check out my feature in the Huffington Post article A New Year’s Resolution Shouldn’t Be Used As A New Start On Your Health. (My quotes are featured towards the end)

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