Fixing Many Health Problems By… Breathing Correctly (This is Real)

Fixing Many Health Problems By… Breathing Correctly (This is Real)

August 29, 2021 // Uncategorized

Inhale through your nose.

Allow the air to expand your belly and sides.

Shoulders and chest relaxed.

Hold for a few seconds.

Exhale at half the pace of the inhalation.

Feel your belly deflate and your ribs collapse.

Stay here and wait a few seconds.

…That’s one breath.

This is how proper diaphragmatic breathing occurs.

This should be our default breathing mechanism, but unfortunately this physiological sequence can be lost if not practiced often.

Ever speak so fast you words get choked out and trail off by your lack of breath?

Or have you ever felt your neck and shoulders uncomfortably tight after a stressful day?

These examples, along with many others, highlight the issues with improper breathing mechanisms (breathing with elevated shoulders, rising chest, rapid pace in and out of the mouth).

Other more intense health issues, such as chronic neck pain, anxiety attacks, hyperventilation, high blood pressure, etc. are largely preventable (and treatable) with breathing recalibration.

We take 20,000-30,000 breaths in a day – at this volume, it would be prudent for us to ensure we are maximizing the efficiency of each breath.


Recently, fellow FRC practitioner and highly respected chiropractor Dr. Moses Bernard released a tremendous education video series focused on diaphragmatic breathing called Breathing and Stability, which I found to be an excellent guide and resource.

I highly recommend this course, as its value is immediate and practicality is shared by all.




Most importantly, especially with the world as it is lately, we can all use a deep, diaphragmatic breath. Enjoy.