Finding Your Why: The Key To Enjoying Exercise

Finding Your Why: The Key To Enjoying Exercise

January 31, 2021 // Uncategorized

Q1 2021

Creating A Positive Relationship with Exercise

Most people are keenly aware of the value and importance of exercise, yet many struggle to stick to any routine.

What is the root cause of the disconnect?

This multi-billion question has a relatively simple answer:
Most people do not enjoy exercising.

And why is this?
Because they have not found the physical activity that does not feel like exercise.

Read that again. 
[I’ll wait.]

Exercise is daunting. There is no doubt about it. 
Sure, a great workout with a trainer [wink, wink] can be incredibly uplifting and enjoyable, but truly turning the corner and wanting to exercise on your own is a learned behavior that can take years to discover and develop.

You need to find your why.

Why is physical activity important to me?

Ask yourself this question and really take a deep dive into what made you get started with any physical activity at any point in your life. These motivations are truly what drive your spirit and energy that manifests into physical output.

Your why is essential for maintaining the habit of exercise, as January New-Year motivation(s) have likely faded by now.

Establishing a deeper reason for keeping healthy is the first step in solidifying a positive relationship with working out.

The second step is all about exploring a form of physical activity that you enjoy. Believe it or not, you can actually have fun while becoming healthier! 

Of course, I could put up a great argument for the health benefits and value of strength training for any person, but ultimately I love to hear when someone discovers a form of physical activity that they enjoy. That’s how you keep consistent! It’s much easier to show up when you want to, not just because you feel this is required for good health.

So, maybe it’s worth rethinking what you are currently doing for exercise (or if you aren’t doing anything, this is a great place to start).

Find Your Why.
Make It Fun.

That’s really it. 

Final Thought
These past 11+ months have been all about disruption, so think of the current moment as a perfect opportunity to try something new, something different in order to find that physical outlet that really pulls you in. 

You have my full support in exploring physical activity that extends outside the gym. 

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