10 Rules for Fat Loss

10 Rules for Fat Loss

June 24, 2012 // Nutrition

Anyone who wants to lose FAT can easily confuse the guidelines for success. Too much information has led the general public to misinterpret what is required for reduction of body fat. Last year over 30,000 diets were published in the US alone, including the soup diet, cookie diet, and the dessert diet (sadly, these diets are real)! Basic guidelines are overshadowed by fads and trends that utilize smart marketing techniques to sell their product(s). These extreme and ineffective diets have only further compromised the trust of individuals seeking a healthier lifestyle and improved figure.

Sometimes people lose fat and change their bodies with just one simple addition or deduction to their normal eating habits. Losing fat is not that difficult. Are you listening? LOSING FAT IS NOT THAT DIFFICULT. In fact, it is relatively easy, especially if you understand the rules for fat loss.

10 Rules for Fat Loss 

1. Exercise for 45 minutes.

2. Take a Fish Oil and Multivitamin at breakfast.

3. Drink at least 8 Cups of Water.

4. Eat at least 4 servings of Vegetables.

5. Sleep in a restful state.

6. Stop eating before you feel full.

7. Stretch for 5 minutes twice a day.

8. Eat 4-5 meals during the day.

9. Eat Lean Protein with each meal.

10. Replace Grains with Greens during each meal.

Implementing even just one of these rules will lead to a reduction of fat in your body; it’s that simple. I suggest choosing one of the rules and make a conscious effort to incorporate the particular habit in your lifestyle for 2 weeks consistently. After you’ve successfully applied one fat loss habit, add another one from the list until you are able to manage all 10 rules for fat loss. I promise you that your body will improve. Enjoy the results.