• A New Look At Health

    A New Look At Health

    MikeClancyTraining teaches how to implement realistic health techniques that provide the benefits of fitness and nutrition without over-managing your lifestyle.

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  • Fitness & Nutrition Expert

    Fitness & Nutrition Expert

    Mike is a master of his craft, combining his vast education of the human body with his in-depth knowledge of nutrition to create results unparallel to the conventional fitness experience.

  • Not Your Average Trainer

    Not Your Average Trainer

    Mike Clancy is the fitness industry's top trainer. Mike has helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds with his effective exercise and nutrition techniques.

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Spring Cleaning For Your Mind & Body



Everyone thinks January is the best time to exercise, but the real secret is the spring. Those who step it up in the April/May months get to reap the benefits of a lean, toned body figure during the summer. Spring is a great time to address your bad habits and fix any issues or pains you may be dealing with. Once you get going, you can see drastic changes within 6-8 weeks. It's that simple. Let's outline the various options available to SPRING you back into a motivated mindset with a great health plan.

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Keep Your Joints Healthy With These Mobility Movements

Beach Handstand


Shoulder tightness? Back pain? Hip inflexibility? Knee issues? Everyone has some sort of dysfunction or weakness. Proper exercise (specifically strength training) is one of the most effective methods in reducing and/or eliminating joint mobility issues. However, a missing piece in the exercise puzzle is the influence of bodyweight movements. Finding the right movements can make all the difference in range of motion and muscle activation. The best part is... bodyweight training requires almost no equipment and just a few minutes of your time. Are you ready to fix your aliments with a few mobility movements?

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7 Factors in Fat Loss



Are you familiar with the term "skinny fat"? It's the metamorphic phenomenon when an individual has developed a slim figure yet they are covered in mush and fat. Yes, a rather less-than-attractive image. We all know someone plagued by the skinny-fat syndrome. This person exercises almost everyday, usually running their butt off mile after mile, pouring out a puddle of sweat, and yet they still look as if they've never spent a minute in a gym. It's tragic, and yet completely avoidable. People who fall victim to the never ending struggle of fat loss seem to forget that their are multiple routes to success. It's simple: instead of hammering away at the same method for fat loss, readjust the focus. Let's explore the 7 factors of fat loss and outline the options available for redirecting focus. It's time to place your energy in other categories to stimulate the fat loss you so desire.

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3 Methods To Manipulate Turkey Day



The fourth Thursday in November. A day of feast, football, and sleep. The meal that initiates the inevitable holiday weight gain, plaguing our country each year.  Luckily, there are a few tricks and options you can implement to off-set any food storage and manipulate the effects of overindulgence. Time to take control of your turkey day!

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The Juicing & Smoothie SCAM!



LIQUID NUTRITION?! Just typing those words in combination seems unethical. We are seeing a growing trend of  speciality food shops that sell the nutrition dream: the idea that fruits & vegetables can be consumed "naturally" in a liquid form. The idea sounds great in theory and provokes interest in a society that falls short eating a healthy amount of real fibrous fruits & vegetables. Is it possible to extract the essential nutrients from food sources and blend them together in a new style of consumable nutrition without altering the way they absorb in our bodies?  Can juicing and smoothie-sipping be beneficial for those who would otherwise forgo eating fruits and vegetables? These questions and more are addressed as we explore the newest liquid nutrition craze.

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