• A New Look At Health

    A New Look At Health

    MikeClancyTraining teaches how to implement realistic health techniques that provide the benefits of fitness and nutrition without over-managing your lifestyle.

  • Fitness & Nutrition Expert

    Fitness & Nutrition Expert

    Mike is a master of his craft, combining his vast education of the human body with his in-depth knowledge of nutrition to create results unparallel to the conventional fitness experience.

  • Not Your Average Trainer

    Not Your Average Trainer

    Mike Clancy is the fitness industry's top trainer. Mike has helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds with his effective exercise and nutrition techniques.

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5 Summer Solutions For Burning Fat



It's hot. It's summer. Between all the social functions, parties, and travels, maintaining a healthy lifestyle  becomes very difficult. When routine exercise and particular dietary strategies subside, it's time to introduce a few quick fixes. Use these 5 summer solutions to preserve your metabolism and increase your fat loss. 

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Workout In The Park!



Fitness. Yoga. Music. Vitamin D.  All At The Same Time.

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FREE Fitness Essentials For You! (Seriously)

Win These Health Goodies!


It's always nice when you get something for free. Lucky for you, I have more than just one thing I'm giving out for FREE.

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The Secret To Exercise Motivation? Social Support.



Success is never linear, and fitness efforts are no exception. Most people can attest to the burden and struggles of reaching their health goals. It’s almost inevitable that motivations will subside and busy schedules will interrupt exercise routines.

To truly ensure your health program is fail-proof, you need a support team.

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3 Strategies For Real Fat Loss – Find Yours!



Fat Loss. Two words that paint a powerful image that most dream of reaching but instead spend a lifetime chasing. The metamorphosis desire that riddles the world -- What is the best way to lose fat?  Find out my 3 favorite strategies.

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