The Juicing & Smoothie SCAM!

November 14, 2013 /// Nutrition, Wellness

LIQUID NUTRITION?! Just typing those words in combination seems unethical. We are seeing a growing trend of  speciality food shops...

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Workout Nutrition (Before, During, & After)

September 8, 2013 /// Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness

It’d be great if your workout could be the determining factor in your body metamorphosis. Unfortunately, the truth of...

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What You WANT & What You NEED

August 11, 2013 /// Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness

We always put our needs first. We want the best of the best. We want to enjoy outings and experiences...

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Unconventional BBQ Guide to Taste, Fitness, & Nutrition

July 7, 2013 /// Nutrition

Who doesn’t enjoy a cold one, some grilled delights, and a lot of a sun? Barbecues and pool parties...

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Workout v. Training

June 23, 2013 /// Fitness, Wellness

If there is one health topic misunderstood by most people, it’s differentiating a workout from training. Working out is...

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10 Beach Body Secrets

June 1, 2013 /// Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness

It’s almost here. Bikini and speedo season is vastly approaching. Soon you will get to unveil the resultant of...

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Fly Like A [Health] Pro

May 18, 2013 /// Nutrition, Wellness

We underestimate good travel. A good travel experience can change the dynamics of a trip. Flying plays an important role...

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Summer Ready in Six Weeks

May 5, 2013 /// Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness

Summer starts on June 21, 2013. Vacations, BBQ’s, beach weekends, & fun in the sun are all in the near future....

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Breaking The Rules: FASTING

April 14, 2013 /// Nutrition, Wellness

We know food is the fuel source for the body. We know food influences the body’s metabolism. We know...

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